Thursday, 23 February 2017


Now you can watch the first Rebel videos. Go to English projects and enjoy with them.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017




Here are some easy crafts you can give people you love.

Try to do some of them!!!


Valentines, valentines
Red, white and blue
I'll make a nice one
And send it to you

Do you know why this festival is celebrates on February 14th?
Here is Saint Valentine´s story 

Wishing ‘Happy Valentine's Day' to all We Love

In the beginning, Valentine's Day was associated with romantic couples only but in recent times the festival is seen in much larger perspective. Now, people take opportunity of the day to wish ‘Happy Valentine's Day' to anyone they love be it father, mother, teachers, siblings, friends, co-workers or just anyone special to them. The idea behind this tradition is to celebrate love, get love and give love to everyone around us.

Valentine's Day Custom of Exchanging Notes

One of the most popular tradition is the exchange of love notes called ‘Valentines'. Initially people used to exchange handwritten notes but starting with the 19th century, the practice of sending hand written notes was replaced by the exchange of mass-produced greeting cards. Gradually, Valentine's Day cards came to be gifted to teachers, siblings, parents, friends and dear ones along with sweethearts. Today, Valentine's Day festival is estimated to be the biggest card-sending occasion after Christmas. Most commonly used pictures in Valentine's Greetings include images of popular Valentine's Day symbols like red roses, hearts and Cupid - the pudgy, winged son of Venus, the goddess of love. These days, there is also a tradition to club Valentine's with tiny candy hearts with affectionate messages printed on them.

Monday, 6 February 2017


Do you want to know more about animals?
Do you know that the kiwi is a fruit and also an animal?
Do you know where you can see a pink dolphin? ....

All your questions will be answer in these presentations made by 6th.grade students.